Starting off the midterm week strong with early morning gym. I must rise to the challenge. #sunrise
2nd meal of the day and I’m hungry :o  (at Le’s Pho)
Been a while since I’ve seen my mom’s balloon art. Happy Birthday Nanay! #grandmadoesnthaveinstagram
Cracked my phone. Shit. But there’s a rainbow outside! Hah.
Late night gym with my fav anchor. #anchor #latenight #goblackhawks
My Lil bro always had skills at making homemade swords. #cosplay
Late at night chillin at the park one day.
Wandering Taylor street for a good breakfast. Food and service was excellent. Definitely a good place to take someone to eat.  #nofilter #breakfast #hungryasfuck #jimmydidntpay
Miss hanging with this nerd! @kmoy8